Why DIVA™?

Find out how to reduce downtimes and costs using an availability-controlled, intelligent Maintenance Management System.

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Why DIVA™?

Find out how to reduce downtimes and costs using an availability-controlled, intelligent Maintenance Management System.

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Maintenance according to the DIVA™ principle

Not machines, as an integral whole, but their single components are responsible for failures and unplanned downtimes. This basic assumption is the foundation of maintenance according to the DIVA™ principle. The focus of our DIVA™ CMMS is on behavior and history of single components and the suitable maintenance intensity:

  • Maintenance strategies according to desired availability, hours of operation, environmental parameters and component properties
  • Optimization of spare parts management
  • Weak Point Analysis

The integrated expert system (component library) provides detailed and field-tested information on the individual machine components. Based on this, you can create a digital twin of your machines and assets, which calculates individual and availability-controlled maintenance and inspection cycles.

This digital twin mimics the real behavior of your plant, machines and their components. Using Smart Analytics, it is permanently updated by our DIVA™ maintenance software. This way, sources of future malfunctions can be recognized before they lead to unexpected production downtimes.

Dicover the DIVA Ecosystem

Did you know, that you can save up to 70 % dead capital of current assets with the material man-agement of DIVA™ Ecosystem?

Smart Analytics, intelligent maintenance software

Lifelong learning algorithms and artificial intelligence use knowledge from more than 40 years of fundamental research in the field of component behaviour and the results of newly acquired data to calculate the exact right maintenance intensity depending on a desired and adjustable availability. This way, all planned maintenance activities are continuously optimised automatically and proactively by the DIVA™ software solutions.
Smart Analytics allows you to identify weak points in your production process with just a few mouse clicks and initiates the appropriate maintenance measures. As a result, you can reduce downtime, save costs and increase the productivity of your company.

More about the DIVA Ecosystem

What does availability-controlled maintenance strategy mean in practice?

In most companies not every machine is equally important. Maintenance according to the DIVA™ principle adapts to this simple fact.

Depending on how important plants or machines are, you define the appropriate maintenance strategy and the desired availability. At a bottleneck or indispensable special machines, you rely on predictive strategies with high availability. On the other hand, you define reactive maintenance strategies with low availability on rather uncritical, substitutable assets. It is also possible to set fixed-time or quantity-controlled maintenance strategies.

The DIVA™ principle in comparison

Characteristics DIVA™ principle other systems
Availability-controlled, intelligent maintenance
Component behavior and maintenance instructions integrated in an expert system
Algorithm-based interval control with lifelong learn-ing function
Weak point analyses with FTA and FMEA functions
Optimization of spare part stocks based on MTBF and site-specific operating conditions